What makes our pasture special?

Head on over to YouTube today where Alexander is going to show you how he has improved our pasture. He began his efforts to add lysine and protein sources to our pasture last year with the planting of turnips and rapeseed. Know many 14 year olds who are spending their cash on turnips and rapeseed? Alexander did, and he’s passionate about creating a sustainable farm with healthy pastures! He’s passionate about his pigs too–just the kind of guy you want raising your food! At least that’s how we, his parents, feel about the matter. Of course, we have a harder time sharing his excitement when he talks of wanting his own breeding pair which means the pigs will be with us year round.

Published by Alexander Kidd

Hi, I work here on Jonah's Run Farm as the farm manager (the person who takes care of day-to-day chores and directs and plans more complex operations.) It's hard but enjoyable work.

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