“beyond organic”

Our farm is what Alexander likes to call “beyond organic.” All our animals are outside enjoying God’s creation in the manner in which they were designed.  The hens range all over the 22 acres finding lots of bugs and fresh green plants to eat. At night, the hens head back to their coop for protection from predators. Residing in a movable “chicken tractor” built by Alexander and his cousin, the broilers are pulled to new pasture every morning, so they always have plenty of fresh forage. We use portable pig electric fencing from Premier 1 to rotate the pigs through the upper pasture whenever they need a fresh spot. We do supplement the animals foraging with non-gmo grain from Hiland’s Naturals. We do not use any antibiotics or growth hormones or any other chemicals on this farm. Even in our gardening efforts, we avoid chemicals and utilize our hands, knees, and shovels to conquer the weeds! We’ve got lots of hands & knees in this family, but it’s hard work to grow food “beyond organically!”

Published by Alexander Kidd

Hi, I work here on Jonah's Run Farm as the farm manager (the person who takes care of day-to-day chores and directs and plans more complex operations.) It's hard but enjoyable work.

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