Moving Day May 2014


Last Friday, the chickens moved out of their brooder and into the chicken tractor in our pasture. Head over to YouTube to see Caroline’s video of the fun! By the way, depending on internet speed, the added text to the video may or may not be easy to read. The blurry text toward the end of the video reads, “These chicks aren’t too sure about the grass. They’ve had nice clean pine shavings up until now, so this is a new texture. Remember taking your baby out on the grass for the first time? Funny! These guys and gals didn’t pull their feet up though.”  It was humorous watching these chicks not know what to do when they first felt the grass. However, when their food arrived, they settled right in! 

We had our first coon attack last night, which never happened last year, so the dog will be moving closer to the tractor tonight! Thankfully, we only lost one hen in the attack. A broiler suffered an injury though, so he’ll be watched carefully. Life on the farm is always full of adventure!

Published by Alexander Kidd

Hi, I work here on Jonah's Run Farm as the farm manager (the person who takes care of day-to-day chores and directs and plans more complex operations.) It's hard but enjoyable work.

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