As Providence has it, we are having a rainy day outside which is good news for you all. Since we can’t work outside, we can update you on all that has been going on here at Jonah’s Run Farm. Last week, we secured a deal on heritage pigs. It’s interesting how our breed of pigs has changed each year which makes raising them exciting and new. This year we’ll have a cross between Mangalitsa & Red Wattle pigs.  Mangalitsas are praised for their hardiness and meat flavor and Red Wattles are known for being quick growers and very tasty. Both are good breeds on pasture. Setting up their paddock began as soon as we secured the deal. To begin, Duncan and I cleared a path for our fencing. DSC09316 (2) DSC09317DSC09350 DSC09328

Kirk collected the grass we cut. He’s a hard worker even though in his cute 2 year old way he says he’s not going to be a hard worker.


Measuring and ramming T posts followed. These little guys are a lot of help & fun, too!

DSC09330  DSC09335   DSC09354 (2)Next we got 100 feet of welded wire. We fastened the welded wire to the T-posts. This is being used temporarily to train the piglets to our electric fencing. Inside this paddock, we’ll make another one using the electric fencing.

DSC09358 DSC09364DSC09373 As we finished up the wire training paddock, Kirk wandered off to love on our Border Collie/ Pyrenees super social guard dog.


Published by Alexander Kidd

Hi, I work here on Jonah's Run Farm as the farm manager (the person who takes care of day-to-day chores and directs and plans more complex operations.) It's hard but enjoyable work.

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