Our new arrivals

This past Saturday, we drove to Clark County to pick up 4 piglets. I am thrilled to be able to raise a new breed of pigs this year. These piglets are a cross between Mangalitsa and Red Wattle pigs. They are expected to grow well out on the pasture and produce tasty well-marbled meat. To our surprise, these piglets are still very small and need to get larger before being trained in the electric fencing we have; therefore, we have been getting them extra milk with our herd share. They really love our fruit and veggie scraps, too. It’s humorous the way they tumble on top of each other to greet me when I bring them scraps. We are charmed by their antics and look forward to the months we’ll have them here on the farm. We are affectionately referring to them as “Woolly Wattles” hoping they will have the woolly trait of the Mangalitsa and the wattle trait of the Red Wattle. Though we expect it to take 6 months to raise the pigs, we’d like to know for whom we are raising them. Please contact us soon to order a whole or half hog; don’t miss out on tasty pastured pork from these heritage breeds. Orders are due by June 15th.


(Dad, me, Grandpa)

Published by Alexander Kidd

Hi, I work here on Jonah's Run Farm as the farm manager (the person who takes care of day-to-day chores and directs and plans more complex operations.) It's hard but enjoyable work.

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