Moving the pigs out to pasture

After chicken processing was taken care of, we were ready to move the pigs out to the pasture. The boys have had the pasture ready for a while, but the pigs just weren’t ready to face the dangers of the outdoors. At the end of June, they were ready. In fact, they were just moved again. Time is flying this summer! Here’s a video of the first move. We’ll get some more pictures posted soon to show you how much they’ve grown in their plush outdoor home.DSC09611DSC09614DSC09626DSC09634

Don’t let these cute faces fool you. These guys and gals have rambunctious personalities! They are very active–romping in the pasture and always ready for any tasty morsels brought their way. One of them plowed through my legs and knocked over my water bucket giving this city-girl-gone-country-girl quite a fright! Let’s just say I won’t be too sad to see processing day come for this rambunctious batch of pigs. On a very positive side, we are incredibly thankful that they have been respecting the electric fencing and not running away every day like the pigs we had 2 years ago. Now that was a year! We are glad they are having a good time in the pasture. Would you like to become a pork customer? It’s not too late to order! If you wait too long though, we may be sold out. Contact us through the pastured pork page and let us know if you’d like a half or whole. The pork should be ready in January.

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