Woolly Pigs


Each year, God seems to send us a new and exciting breed of pigs. Alexander always searches for breeds that will do well on pasture as well as produce tasty meat. Watching this year’s Mangalitsa/ Red Wattle crosses develop has been fun. Some have fur which resembles wool. Some are red. Some are blond. Some have wattles. Whatever the look, they all have been active and friendly. Since all 4 pigs comeĀ bounding over to see Alexander when they hear him coming, he stated, “If you’re going to fall into the pig pen, always have feed with you!” They are rambunctious; and they are growing well. Thankfully, they have respected the electric fencing such that they stay put when they are supposed to and they cross to their new paddock as directed. Now that they are bigger, they require a paddock change every two weeks.

If you have signed up for a half or whole hog, processing is expected in December. We will be contacting you as the time approaches. If you would still like to sign up, it is not too late as we still have hogs available. Contact us with any questions.

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