Wooly Wattles liked in Netherlands


Alexander had some dialog with Mangalitza breeders in the Netherlands today. Pretty exciting that they liked our humble pigs! It is fun to find others out there who share your passion for cross breeding heritage pigs.

Alexander and Tom moved the pigs to a new paddock this morning. Tom came in chuckling at how they just willingly follow Alexander around. What a blessed year we’ve had with this breed.

Our processing date has finally be set! Announcing: Dec. 20th! We will be driving the pigs to a processor that is further away, but comes with high recommendations. If you would like a fresh ham for Christmas, let us know. Curing takes longer and won’t be ready for this Christmas, but would easily last in the freezer for Easter. Pork orders continue to be received! Just head over to our Pastured Pork Page. Wouldn’t you rather eat pork from pigs residing in the great outdoors and being fed non-gmo feed, raw milk,  and farm fresh veggies, legumes, and nuts?

As we celebrate this holiday season, we rejoice with thanksgiving for a wonderful year on the farm which included meeting new friends and customers. May your celebrations be abundantly blessed as well!


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