Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!

DSC09665 DSC01684

We are blessed with an abundance of farm fresh eggs this spring. This is such good news to the kiddos who were tired of eating cereal and oatmeal all winter. Yea, Chickens! Way to start laying again! When did this glorious event occur? Exactly when it got beautiful outside, and the bugs appeared. Chickens love to eat bugs. This is definitely a win win situation for a gal who doesn’t love ticks attached to the kiddos. Mom is happy. Dad is happy. Kids are happy. Chickens are happy.

Why else is this farm mom happy? She’s happy that her 3 year old can notice a difference between store “farm-fresh organic eggs” from free range chickens and eggs from our chickens. Yes, we were just blessed to spend a spring break week in Florida. What did we do there? Well, besides getting a bit burnt, digging sandcastles, playing in the water, having a relaxing float or two, and enjoying family time, we sought to enjoy good food. We bought the best eggs we could find in a natural food store. The result? Kirk wouldn’t eat them, and for good reason, they weren’t very tasty. Kirk loves eggs; he begs for them at home; and he wouldn’t eat those eggs. That moment in sunny Florida showed us how blessed we were back here in Ohio on the farm. We have a lovely farm where we can enjoy God’s amazing creation and produce amazing tasting food. How thankful we are!

DSC07071 DSC07075 DSC07080 DSC07116

DSC07057 (2) Happy spring from us Kidds!

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