A Quiet Year With Our Hogs

DSC07509 DSC07512 DSC07514 DSC07519 DSC07532 DSC07538 DSC07544It’s been a pleasant year raising these three Berkshire/ Old Spot cross hogs. They’ve been some of the most content pigs! You may recall in past years we’ve had to chase pigs around the pasture after they’d broken out of their paddock. Not so this year. These guys happily played in their paddock until it was time to move, and then the trotted on into the next paddock.

If Alexander had a complaint, it would be that they weren’t quite as friendly as other pigs have been. He has always tried to get his pigs to roll over so he can scratch them on their bellies. I don’t think he succeeded this year. He’s also always had them awaiting his arrival with feed. Again not so this year, these three have been like teenagers sleeping late and enjoying their “room.” But when they wake up, they have spunk and he appreciates that. You’d have to ask him, but I’d say pigs were his favorite farm animal.

Market day is approaching. I’m thankful for our quiet year with these pigs. It’s been a blessing. Lord willing, on Monday they will leave the farm, and once again Alexander will begin dreaming about what kind of pigs he’ll be able to raise next year.

We still have 1 hog to sell, so if you know anyone interested in buying some humanely and naturally raised pork, please pass on our information.

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