It’s that time of the year again!


Spring, for those of us with laying hens, means we get to enjoy lots of eggs again after the winter laying lull.  We are getting 2 dozen each day! That really makes up for the 1 per day over the winter months. How does that affect our life? Well, it means we eat eggs for breakfast, eggs for lunch, and sometimes even eggs for dinner. At least I’m kind enough to serve them in different ways 🙂 We may have scrambled eggs for breakfast, deviled eggs for lunch, and then quiche for dinner. Actually, I’m getting really good at all the possibilities of potential egg menu items. As I scan recipes, my first or second thought nowadays is, “Good, it requires a lot of eggs!” The fun ends when I have to go out of town for a speech and debate tournament, and those at home have to deal with all the eggs. 😉

If any of our local friends and followers would like to buy some of our wonderful spring eggs, please contact us. We’d love to share our abundance. In taste and nutrition, these eggs are leaps and bounds above any store eggs we’ve ever bought! Our chickens are expected spend their entire day engaged in fowl play outside in the glorious creation. Theirs is a good life.

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