Pastured Broilers

DSC03774  We having been raising and processing broilers for six years now. Receiving them at two days old we immediately place them in our brooder, where they have flaked straw, heat lamps to keep them warm, and access to plenty of clean water and premium non-gmo feed. After three weeks we move them out to portable structures called chicken tractors where they spend their remaining six weeks moving daily to new pasture, grazing, and growing quickly.

At seven or eight weeks we harvest the birds at our farm. Last year our finished weights were spectacular. The median weight per bird was between 6 and 6 ½ lbs. Many weighed 7 lbs, and the smallest was around 5½. This year, we are processing 100 chickens on June 15th. You will come that evening to pick up your finished chickens.  The price for this high quality chicken is $3.75 a pound. The taste demonstrates the care put into raising each one in a clean and healthy environment. Reserve your chickens today via the form below.

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