Pastured Pork

On our farm, we go to great lengths to provide the highest quality pork possible. Our Pigs are raised out on pasture where they can wallow, root, run, rest in the shade, get sunlight and, of course, graze and forage. We rotate them forward to fresh pasture to assure quality forage.


We use old heritage breeds such as Large BlackGloucester Old Spot, BerkshireMangalitsa, and Red Wattle. These  older breeds were bred to perform on the pasture and earn their keep as excellent mothers and outstanding foragers. They have the ability to put on weight easily. In the process they also became some of the tastiest pigs around.

In addition to the pasture forage and fruit and veggie scraps from the kitchen, we feed our pigs high quality non-genetically modified feed without antibiotics and hormones.

Pork is currently priced at $4.50/lb hanging weight. An additional cost of $1.15/lb for cured meats will be added.  Curing as naturally as he can, our butcher avoids as many nitrates and nitrites as legally possible. Yes, there are laws that mandate some. Pork can be ordered by halves or whole hog. A deposit of $100 for a half hog and $200 for a whole hog will be due at the time of order.

Our butcher will cut your pork according to your preferences. Our family orders cuts like roasts, chops, hams, bacon, ribs, sausage, ground pork, and ham loaf. You will be able to discuss your processing choices with our butcher at processing time. Please submit orders for pastured pork through the contact form below.

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    1. Hello! Thank you for asking. Half a hog would weigh about 95lbs hanging weight. Some years, the pigs vary in size at processing time; therefore, customers are more than welcome to state their preference for a larger or smaller hog. We try to accommodate those requests.


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